Find a beautiful pattern in free filet crochet charts.

Get started on creating unusual crochet projects by using free filet crochet charts. Filet crochet, a combination of open mesh and solid mesh, provides dramatic results. Many antique patterns use filet crochet. Take some time to learn the techniques of filet crochet and impress your family and friends with lovely, gossamer projects.

Use filet crochet to produce lacy pillow covers to accent your quilt bed cover. Filet crochet place mats for an oak dining room table. Although filet crochet requires pactice in reading and using the charts, the projects you complete will generate many complicments. Our "Free Filet Crochet Charts Resources section will be a start as you begin this satisfying activity.

Free Filet Crochet Charts

Free Filet Crochet Charts Resources