Doilies have become popular again. Crochet a selection by using free doily patterns.

Crocheters are looking for free doily patterns to add interest to their country style homes. When you think of doilies, you might picture a Victorian room festooned with lacy decorations on every surface. Believe it or not, doilies have a place in contemporary homes. Accent antique furniture with your handmade doilies. Larger doilies can be used for unusual placemats. Small doilies are often used for coasters.

Doilies are crocheted using steel hooks that are numbered to indicate the size; the higher the number, the smaller the hook. Crochet thread is used for crocheting doilies. Crochet thread is available in many different materials, colors and size. Lighter weight thread produces a more gossamer product. Usually crochet thread is available in balls and vary in yardage. Always check the amount of yardage in a ball to make sure you have the amount of thread designated in the pattern. A complete range and variety of patterns for doilies is included in our "Free Doily Patterns Resources" section.