Help yourself to free crochet poncho patterns, and keep up with the latest styles.

Free crochet poncho patterns reminds us that ponchos were a popular item in the 70's. A reprise of this fashion can be accessed from free crochet poncho patterns. Some of the patterns remind us exactly of the original style. Others update the idea and result in more sophisticated versions. These styles are crocheted with lighter yarn or thread. By using yarn or thread with a silver or gold strand, you can create a beautiful evening wrap. For casual or sports wear, try using four ply yarn in bright colors. Ponchos are worn not only for warmth, but also as a fashionable top.

Give your imagination free rein when you use free crochet poncho patterns. Children, teens, and grandmas all will be delighted by a gift of a hand-crocheted poncho. Get started by choosing a simple pattern made with thicker yarn. As you become more proficient, graduate to specialty yarns, and even design your own patterns. Stitches used in ponchos are pretty basic, and it's easy to improvise with different yarn weights, hooks and stitches. Get started today by checking out our "Free Crochet Poncho Patterns Resources" section, and you will develop a skill that is fun and productive.

Free Crochet Poncho Patterns

Free Crochet Poncho Patterns Resources