Keep the cold winds out by making a warm hat from free crochet hat patterns.

The resurgence of crocheting in the last few years means many people are searching for free crochet hat patterns. Many different hat styles can easily and quickly be made using free crochet hat patterns. At this time of the year, leading retail stores stock a complete line of hats, often at prices outside of your budget. But, even beginning crocheters can create attractive hats with very little time and money. Free crochet hat patterns are available in many different styles such as: tams, berets, ski hats and beanies. Hats are especially popular among the college age group who freely experiment using wild colors and patterns.

To save money, look in yarn shops for baskets of yarn skeins at reduced prices. Usually there are only two or three skeins in the same dye lot. Since hats require only a skein or two, this yarn can be used for hats. Also, free crochet hat patterns often feature hats made with different colors of yarn, so even if there is only one skein in a specific color, contrasting skeins can be included within the same hat. A practical tip: when working with dark colored yarn, use a light colored hook to easily keep track of stitches, and conversely, use a dark hook with yarn in light colors.

Many people are looking for gifts to make for friends and family during this holiday season. Crocheted hats are a present anyone can use. Busy schedules means that presents that can be quickly made are especially welcome. Look in the "Free Crochet Hat Patterns Resources" section to make gifts with special significance for family and friends.

Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Free Crochet Hat Patterns Resources